How Outsourcing to Gre-Fin Empowered Gaba Telepsychiatry’s 3x Growth?

Ever wondered what it takes to scale a business threefold? Well, let me walk you through how Gre-Fin teamed up with Gaba Telepsychiatry to make it happen – and yes, it’s quite the success story! Probably, this story will help you decide on the benefits of outsourcing and what to expect from your outsourcing partner. Gaba Telepsychiatry is a telepsychiatry firm based in New York, USA led by renowned psychiatrist, Dr Gundu Reddy. Dr Reddy has a clear vision of providing the best psychiatric care to her patients using HIPAA-compliant tele-means. We discussed her vision to expand the reach of Gaba Telepsychiatry from 1 doctor and 5 states to many doctors and many states. She was facing issues in expanding the practice, generating leads for the business, hiring competent individuals, generating meaningful reports to gain insights on the costs and revenue, and micro-management of the business.

Gre-Fin is an outsourcing agency led by expert and qualified Accountants providing complete accounting, operations and business management services. We consider ourselves a partner in the growth story of our clients and work hand-in-hand to understand the requirements, build a plan and deliver the results. We are sharing a few points below on how we worked with Gaba for almost 2 years and delivered exceptional results.

Understanding the Vision: Gaba Telepsychiatry had big dreams of expanding its telepsychiatric practice while keeping its client care top-notch. We sat down with them, got to know their business inside out, and made sure we were on the same page with their goals.

Generating Leads like a Pro: We took charge of Gaba Telepsychiatry’s Google Ads, making sure their message reached the right people at the right time. By fine-tuning their ad campaigns, we brought in a steady stream of top-quality leads – the kind that fuels growth.

Outsourcing Maestro, Mastering Financial Reporting: Money matters, right? We set up a slick reporting system to monitor where every dollar was going. By tracking marketing expenses and crunching the numbers, we helped Gaba Telepsychiatry make smart decisions about where to invest its budget for maximum impact.

Building a Dream Team: Growing a business means growing a team. We rolled up our sleeves and helped Gaba Telepsychiatry find the right talent to join their ranks. Smooth recruitment processes and strategic hires meant they were ready to tackle whatever came their way.

Streamlining Software Setup: Good software is the backbone of any operation. We made sure GabaTelepsychiatry had the tools they needed to work efficiently and deliver top-notch services. From onboarding to troubleshooting, we had their back every step of the way.

Spotting Risks Before They Hit: Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to business. We dug deep, conducting audits and risk assessments to spot potential pitfalls before they became problems. By identifying weak spots and suggesting solutions, we kept Gaba Telepsychiatry one step ahead of the game.

3x increase in Revenue: No surprise that all the coordinated efforts reflected in the sustained increase in revenue and we saw a massive 3x increase in the revenue. This was achieved and sustained. We build the whole model in such a way that Gaba runs only on a growth trajectory. With Gre-Fin by their side, they were able to reach more clients, expand their reach, and deliver top-notch care like never before.

Such growth stories are not written over-night but are framed and executed over a period of time. It requires various iterations, unlearning and re-learning which we as a service provider also learned. The most important of all the lesson is clarity in communication and setting clear expectations.

So, if you’re looking to take your business to new heights, why not give Gre-Fin a shout? We’re here to make your growth dreams a reality. Let’s make magic happen together!

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