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Healthcare Outsourcing Services: Helps you manage your books of accounts, KPIs, operations, receivables, listings, and claims.

Why Choose Us?

HIPAA Compliant

Patient safety norms to be followed, HIPAA certified staff

US Time zone

US timezone to be followed for better co-ordination

US healthcare industry experience

Cumulative experience of working in US healthcare industry of more than 15 years

Software Expertise

Experience of using a suite of softwares related to patients, teamwork and record keeping

Qualified Staff

Qualified staff with recognised degree to undertake and deliver the work

Complete Solution

Your extended virtual office with multiple skills fulfilling varied needs

What you get?

Increase Your Sales

Get valuable insights on your income and spends with actionable points to increase sales and decrease expenses

Outsource Books of Accounts

Up-to-date books of accounts along with monthly bank reconciliation, PL report, and cashflow statement

New and Repeat Patient KPIs

Intelligent patient KPIs to bird's eye view of the income. Customizable KPI reports for new and repeat patients

Insurance and OONB Verification

Whether you take insurance or operate as self-pay only, we can help you insurance and out-of-network benefits verification

Claim Processing Services

Faster claim processing of the employees whether covered under insurance or OONB. Helps you build better customer service and better reviews

Marketing KPIs

Marketing KPIs are specifically designed to show results of the marketing efforts. We co-ordinate with your marketing team to calculate ROI on the spends. Our reports will help in taking intelligent decisions

Manage Operations

Running a clinical set-up requires a lot of operational activities at the same for smooth functioning. You can reply on us to help you manage things and cut the clutter.

Medical Billing Services

The patient needs to be issued all the super bills on time. Along with this, we also help you complete medical accounts receivable management

Medical Review Management

Reviews helps in building organic traffic. We help you manage and track reviews across platforms such as Google, webmd, ratemds. Build better reviews to get more sales.

Listings Management

What is Healthcare Outsourcing?

Outsourcing means involving a third-party service provider for the services that are typically performed by in-house employees. The primary reasons for outsourcing are cost reduction, improve operational capability and better management.

A healthcare industry such as a mental healthcare facility can outsource various processes such as customer services, Medical Billing, insurance and OONB verification, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient KPI reports etc. An agency which has experience in dealing with these such as Gre-Fin can handle operations efficiently there reducing cost and increasing operational capabilities and thus, meeting all the healthcare outsourcing needs.. As per a study by, outsourcing appears to be a 2024 solution, with promises of double-digit cost savings (estimated between 27% and 64%).

Why Do You Need Outsourcing in Long-Term Care or the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry has a number of issues, including administration, revenue cycle management, compliance adherence, and customer care. However, these services require a significant amount of time and money, and they may at times divert attention away from the most critical components of patient care.

As a result, many organisations are opting for healthcare outsourcing in order to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction rates.

In India, an abundance of healthcare outsourcing organizations have evolved to handle healthcare professionals’ supporting jobs, such as customer service, medical billing and coding, and data input. Gre-Fin can be your go-to accountant for healthcare setup.

5 benefits of medical process outsourcing

  • Decreased Training Expenses: Outsourcing partners keep their employees updated on the latest standards and regulations, relieving healthcare organizations from additional spending on education, software, and staff training.
  • Cost Efficiency: Healthcare outsourcing allows organizations to reduce operational costs significantly. External service providers can offer services at a lower cost due to economies of scale and specialized expertise, enabling healthcare entities to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • More time for patient care and safety: Healthcare providers can focus on delivering excellent patient care while outsourcing partners handle staff recruitment and training. This enhances the patient care experience by reducing the administrative and management workload.
  • Access to Specialized Skills: Outsourcing provides instant access to skilled professionals, eliminating the need for healthcare organizations to spend time searching for trained personnel. This leads to efficient task handling without recruitment and retention concerns.
  • Scalability: Healthcare outsourcing provides flexibility in scaling operations according to demand. Whether dealing with fluctuations in patient volume or evolving regulatory requirements, outsourcing allows healthcare entities to adapt quickly without the need for extensive in-house adjustments.

How easy is it to scale up or down with Gre-Fin?

We have an in-house team of staff and you can scale up or down as per your requirements. We can accordingly manage to meet your needs. You don’t need to incur fixed costs by having permanent employees at your end. We offer complete package for accountant for healthcare setups.

What is our expertise in healthcare process outsourcing?

We have over 15 years of cumulative experience in various areas of healthcare business process outsourcing, such as medical billing, claims processing, medical data entry, new and repeat patient KPIs, and Marketing analytics. We work as a team for your organization and not as a staffing solution. Each project is also assigned a key account manager to supervise the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of the project. Meetings and feedback sessions are organized with your company at least once a week.

How is data and access shared with us?

We suggest that you use a secure access control mechanism such as Okta to give access. We also recommend using HIPAA-compliant platforms such as Smartsheet for data recording. However, we are ready to adhere to the policies of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the first meeting, we get on a call with you to understand the requirements. Thereafter, we come up with the best possible solution; and suggest time and team size to begin work post your approval.

We are located in India.

Traditionally, India has been the epicenter of outsourced work for IT, Finance and back office work. It is very much safe to outsource work after carrying out some amount of due diligence.

We have an in-house team of staff and you can scale up or down as per your requirements. We can accordingly manage to meet your needs. You don’t need to incur fixed costs by having permanent employees at your end.

Multiple channels of communication are available like direct number, skype, Zoom or any other our choice of communication.

Usually, we propose atleast 1- weekly meeting with the client to update on the progress and take feedbacks.

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