One team for all the analytics that you need to make amazing decisions

Beyond data entry is data analytics. Our well-structured tailor-made reports are just the recipe you need for all your current and future business plans

What we do

Adding super powers to your super-skills of managing the business by giving you specific insights.

We go beyond just crunching the numbers. Our expertise lies in understanding your business processes, needs, and present and future goals. This helps us prepare to-the-point, relevant, and usable business insights that can bring visible change to the organization.

Gre-Fin is a team led by qualified Chartered Accountants and CPAs.

Our expertise helps you find more time to build, scale, and grow your business.

Our Key Beliefs




Timely Turnaround

Continuous Learning

What you get

Process and Control Audit

Determine the efficiency of your process and related controls. Rectify the 'what can go wrong'. Helps you find lapses in the process or its execution.


Highly personalized and customized as per the needs. Helps in getting a view at a glance, see current trends and take actions for the future plans.

KPIs and Matrices

We work with you to identify, plot and measure important Matrices and KPIs for your business. Tracking them helps measure the impact and accuracy of decisions.

Accounting Analytics

Specifically focused around the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet. Helps you determine the health of your business.

Marketing Analytics

Specifically focused around the marketing performance of the business. Helps you determine the efficacy of the marketing efforts, ROI and the impact on sales.

Operations Analytics

Operations is engine oil of the business that helps you run business smoothly. Get specific analytics on key operational activities.

Software that we work with

How does KPI help a business?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help businesses by providing an accurate picture of performance. When combined with state-of-the-art tracking dashboards with metrics, it allows for faster identification of issues, facilitating quick changes for improved performance and long-term success

What is the impact of KPI in business?

KPIs impact the business by increasing operational efficiency by providing an accurate picture of performance. By analyzing issues such as employee productivity, customer acquisition, and expenses, you can identify areas for improvement and effectively optimize the operations

What is a P&L dashboard?

A Profit & Loss (P&L) dashboard is a financial tool that provides a clear and concise presentation of key metrics related to a business’s profitability. It enables quick trend identification, informed decision-making, and strategy adjustments to enhance overall financial performance. This tool helps businesses stay on top of their finances and work towards achieving their goals.

Why Does a Financial Dashboard for Reporting Matter?

Simplify storytelling: Financial dashboards make storytelling easier by presenting data in a visual and engaging format. This improves communication and allows stakeholders to easily grasp complex financial situations and make sound decisions.

Shared financial knowledge and communication: These dashboards promote shared understanding and communication by offering a single platform for stakeholders to access and interpret financial data. This facilitates collaboration and alignment, resulting in a shared knowledge of the organization’s financial health.

Financial dashboards define success by focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. This clarity helps create and manage financial goals, and organizations may review their performance against established standards and alter tactics as needed.

What is Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is an important tool for analysing progress and identifying areas of concern when targets are not met on time. It provides useful insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts by measuring multiple variables in a systematic manner. This data-driven strategy helps organisations uncover bottlenecks, optimise marketing, and improve overall performance. Whether analysing consumer interaction, conversion rates, or campaign reach, marketing analytics enables organisations to make educated decisions, allowing them to adjust and modify their methods to achieve optimal outcomes in an ever-changing market landscape.

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